Graviton Ecosystem Proposal


The Graviton team identified a set of so-called #LOLTs, which stands for Lack of Liquidity tokens. The primary aim of the Graviton project is to become a universal multi-chain solution that provides liquidity to those tokens that have low or zero liquidity in DeFi. This is ingrained in the two concepts that lie at the core of Graviton: Relay Token & Reflection Farming.

Graviton Ecosystem Partnerships and Integrations

The current growth strategy for GTON as a #multichain relay token is to create liquidity buffers with GTON on various chains.To do so, Graviton establishes partnerships with projects to boost multichain liquidity of their tokens through token wrapping and GTON farming reward. To accelerate this process, we have launched contests in collaboration with Anyswap:

Graviton Ecosystem Incubator

The market is developing rapidly, and in addition to partnerships and collaborations with the existing projects, many opportunities exist for assembling new teams and incubating projects that can benefit the Graviton ecosystem in both long and short term. Multichain, NFT and gaming are fast-growing areas, and it’s important to act now to reap the benefits. To accelerate this process, we plan to assemble new independent full stack teams and integrate the results of their work into the framework of the Graviton ecosystem.

  1. GalleryDAOs is a solution for tokenizing NFT collections implemented at the NFTVision Hack by the Graviton team. It is a DAO of DAOs with its own governance token $GALLERY.
  1. is a protocol for generating NFT collections based on Deep Learning, the project team is independent and assembled from the Graviton community members.

Graviton Community Benefits

All projects incubated under Graviton will have separate allocations that will be distributed among GTON token governance stakers who have been staking GTON for 6 months since September 1, 2021. For instance, in group I 10% of the allocation will be distributed, in group II — 5%, and the allocation for group III will be decided separately on a case-by-case basis.

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