Boosting multichain liquidity and usability via Relay Token & Reflection Farming

Aleksei Pupyshev
4 min readAug 5, 2021


$GTON — “token in the middle”


I. Lack of “DeFi liquidity”

Even after 20/21 DeFi boom and rapid growth of an adoption of decentralized applications we have facing an issue with DeFi liquidity for many assets, which are liquid on CEXes (old ICO/IEO projects or CEX coins) or assets originally from one chain, but wrapped on another (destination) chain i.e. wrapped assets.

II. New chains/platforms exploration issues

Have you ever tried to explore new chain like matic, bsc or solana?

Even having already created account and switched to the network you still have to manage how to deposit a native token on it. And here the journey started: ETH to CEX -> find and buy token from CEX -> withdrawal 2FA/Email/SMS -> waiting confirmations and finally you have several dollars (hundreds/thousands whatewer) for new blockchain exploration.

In this article we’ll introduce our solution (Graviton) for boosting multichain liquidity (I) and usability (II) via Relay Token ($GTON) & Reflection Farming.

What is GTON:

  • GTON is a multichain relay token designed to connect AMM DEX liquidity across multiple chains and boost it for initially illiquid assets, such as wrapped tokens, CEX tokens and recently tokenized projects.
  • GTON is a reflection farming token which is used for creating an LP farm in a permissionless manner to accelerate the growth of liquidity for any assets on any supported chains.
  • GTON is the governance token of the Graviton DAO, which controls treasury funds, liquidity, market making, allocation distribution and community operations.
  • 21 mln max supply; Exponential decay unlock according to DAO decisions & allocations

Graviton’s unique concepts:

  • Reflection Farming

The allocation intended to motivate participants to provide liquidity in AMM pools is distributed according to an exponential decay formula, and the share of farmed reward tokens is dynamically distributed in proportion to the amount of GTON in the pool. All pairs in reflection farming contain a GTON token, in contrast to classic farms, where farming of one token occurs as a result of providing liquidity to other tokens.

Boosting AMM liquidity for assets which aren’t liquid in DeFi such as wrapped tokens, CEX tokens and assets of new projects.

Example: wrapped-RAY -> GTON -> BNB on BSC

Simplifying crosschain swaps by using GTON as an AMM relay token on both chains.

Example: Cross-chain Swap: $BNB -> $MATIC (EVM <-> EVM)

  • Catalyst

Reflection farming allows one to create permissionless pools, meaning that anyone can create a farm for any token. Governance holders of GTON can boost the allocation for a certain pool, thereby increasing the profitability. A set of measures for creating a farm and boosting its yield is called Catalyst, since it catalyzes the liquidity of a token in pairs to GTON, and therefore to stablecoins and native tokens, through GTON acting as a relay token.

  • Pathway Market Making

Operating as a DAO, Graviton is governed through decisions based on voting by token holders. These include the decisions on how the liquidity of across chains and various amm will be distributed, as well as how treasury funds will be used (regular / irregular token buybacks from dex etc.). Voting serves as a recommendation or a veto, while implementation details are left to the core development team.


Eth (origin), poly, bsc, heco, ftm, ava, xdai, solana, waves (wip), tron (wip), polka (wip), cosmos (wip), band (api), anyswap (bridges), chainlink (oracles).

Protocol’s Revenue Breakdown

  • LP Liquidity Mining

Graviton token is a universal quote token in AMM pools in different chains and on different amms. This increases volatility in the pools, with many swaps happening as a result. For each swap, the LP staker receives 0.3% of the commission passively for providing liquidity.

  • LP Farming Rewards

An additional motivation for LP stakers is the concept of reflection farming of the GTON token.

  • Arbitrage Network Fees

As a result of the large number of pools and chains with Graviton as the quote token, there is always a large number of arbitrage opportunities. Graviton services will also leverage these opportunities and distribute arbitrage profits among GTON holders.

  • Relay Swap Fees

Relay swap is a product that utilizes GTON for cross-chain swaps of native tokens. These operations generate fees, which are distributed among the GTON holders.

  • Governance Staking

Governance stakers who vote for changes in the protocol receive regular payments through a yet undistributed GTON portion (short term) and generated commissions (long term).


Graviton started as a DAO from the day-1, raised ~5 mln$ into treasury from 350 DAO foundation members. Early Birds allocation locked for 2 years with slow unlock. Team’s & Investors’ tokens locked for 1 year with gradual unlock.

Based on the past projects’ experience, the team (VenLab) has frequently encountered the lack of liquidity for tokens that are wrapped in another network or for projects outside of DeFi: old projects with CEX liquidity, CEX tokens, or new projects that have just started. Graviton is set to solve this issue once and for all.


Boosting multichain liquidity and usability for the entire DeFi space!