Over the past few weeks, the governance token of Neutrino Protocol, or NSBT, has rapidly gained popularity and attention as a counterpart to MKR, SNX or YFI, which provides a high-yield staking and high-volatility trading tool, besides its basic governance functionality. Continuing the tradition of open improvement proposals for Neutrino Protocol, today I would like to offer a new concept for the discussion of the community of NSBT holders. I call it the Moon Factor.

The status quo

The current mechanic described in the Base Forth article allows for the recapitalization of the Neutrino Protocol system at the times when the collateral coefficient (BR) is adjusting, allowing for some additional NSBT to be released and increasing the level of overcollateralization in the Neutrino Protocol. When…

The Neutrino protocol is designed to be a universal toolkit for tokenization of real world financial assets. A potential way forward for the protocol is to make it easier for holders to diversify their portfolios, introducing assets pegged to financial instruments other than national currencies, such as stocks or indices. Whereas USDN stablecoin is likely going to remain the most popular Neutrino-based asset due to its sheer stability and a wide potential scope of application, the integration of a different collateralization mechanic would allow for the creation of hundreds of synthetic assets with a more extreme volatility profile. This idea was first proposed in the vision for Neutrino 2020 and was called Collider. It was then speculated that Collider could open ways to tokenize such popular assets as BTC, GOLD, SNP500 etc. Today, we present more details on the concept based on new utility of NSBT (Neutrino Base Token).



The SuSy protocol prescribes an implementation of cross-chain transfers of digital assets (tokens) in blockchain networks that support smart contracts, focused primarily on popular…

Photo: just a random photo of ‘curve’ from the internet and meme. Here we should…


This proposal is published for consideration and public discussion to all teams working on Neutrino, large holders of $USDN, $NSBT, and $WAVES, as well as large market…

Aleksei Pupyshev

Tech Ξntrepreneur, Lobster

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